Welcome to my site

For years, I develop a passion for the Painting. I've collected here my works in oils and acrylics following the suggestion of friends.
Many of the works are copies of originals more or less famous and partially revisited: If a picture is a chef-d'oeuvre, a copy, even if revised, will have good chances to be a nice gift for friends and relatives. Other works are "original" and some have gained ... success.
Almost all works are signed Marò (MArcello  ROmano), a habit that I allowed  to myself.
The catalog is regularly updated
A proper memory goes to "Don Agostino" who at an early age taught me the basics of painting.

Notice to visitors

Usually I do not sell my works. Because production costs, most recently with friends and relatives it is practiced the bartering  (under the most varied forms).
However the sale ..... "Outside the Walls" is not unwelcome.
Thank you in advance for critics that you want to leave in the Guest Book  (Libro degli Ospiti).
Finally, please take the survey at the   page PHOTO GALLERY (Galleria Fotografica)